Paper Cartridge Packaging

We manufacture paper cartridge packaging for construction adhesive of different sizes: 300ml, 375ml and 850ml. Plunger and nozzle are also available as a complete set. Any sizes that are not yet available can be custom made.

Paper canisters and tubes are also available.

Plastic Packaging

We specialise in custom injected moulded products. Over the years, we have produced various plastic products that include tubs, lids, caps, brushes, nozzles, syringes, plungers, bottles, containers, etc.

Some of the materials available for processing are ABS, PA, PC, PE, PP, PS, PVC, POM, TPE, etc.

Assembly & Packaging

As a value added service, we offer partial or complete assembled products. Our production and assembly lines are efficient and yet precise in our work.

Various packaging types are available to suit different products. Whether it is shrink wrap, blister pack, clam shell, poly bag, bulk pack, etc., we have it covered.

Custom Moulding

We offer custom moulding to suit every product requirement. Moulding design is offered as an integral part of our services to customer commitment. Before tooling commencement, we review the product specifications with our customers to avoid any errors that could be costly. We have a history of 100% success rate in tooling all of our products.

Quality Control

We place an important emphasis on being consistent in our quality. Various means of quality control are put into place to ensure high quality. Products are carefully controlled and documented, from the selection of raw materials to the goods leaving our warehouse.